Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

A first for everything

CT-4206, ARC Captain Dak
personal log

I never thought I needed to make log entries. My job is to follow orders and complete the mission, not succumb to personal trivialities. That sort of time is better spent studying mission specs or cleaning kit. But today is different. Today is special. Guess there’s a first for everything.

After the team took out that terentatek, supposedly a fearsome creature of legend, I didn’t think the day could get any more interesting. Boy, was I wrong. We found some interesting information in Lon Win’s files pertaining to Freq’s origins. Turns out his “daddy” had inserted him into the standard clone training regimen as some sort of control subject for his first batch of Black troopers. Freq as a control? That just seems ironic. For some reason, his batch were the only ones to survive incubation. And apparently, the intensified combination of both Jedi and elite commando training drove them a bit psychotic. Yeah, that’s putting it lightly. That blasted Kamino di’kut even went so far as to release the Black troopers into the galaxy under the false pretense of protecting the Republic, reporting to him as their Ring Master, just to see what would happen. Well, that sure got back to him when Onyx One, aka “Black Prime”, came calling. Apparently, he wasn’t too happy being duped and extracted Win for further questioning.

Impressively, we were actually able to track down One and Win, with a good amount of detective work on the part of General S’ssra. We attempted to confront them with the aid of Commander Aroyo, Sergeants Dor and Tempo, and a squad of farm-fresh shinies at a warehouse facility owned by Win in the lower levels. Unfortunately, One was ready for us, and we soon found ourselves divided and trapped between forcefields. Better yet, One decided we might like some corrosive gas to boot. And I just got this new armor. Well, I guess it was a bit too shiny anyway. Luckily, with a well-placed rocket, I was able to slow the dispersal of the gas as the Generals figured out a way to cut a path to safety. I suppose Freq may have helped with venting some of the gas as well, but that’s debatable. Of course, he then had to go alone to try to “give another chance” to his brother Onyx One. How many chances do you give a chakaar who’s tried to kill you? As expected, Freq immediately encountered resistance in the form of auto-turrets, so the rest of the squad came to his aid.

We made short work of the turrets and soon found Onyx One and Lon Win, or at least what was left of him. One had apparently just shot him, and was ranting about trying to make him “restart the program” and how he needed to “save the Republic”. What a zealot. We then went about our duty of actually saving the Republic by taking One down. It wasn’t a pretty fight, and a few good troopers were lost to heavy repeating cannon fire, but the last member of the Onyx Ring finally fell. And that’s when the unthinkable happened. We got the order no trooper ever thought he’d hear: Order 66. The Contingency Orders document states the order bureaucratically, “In the event of Jedi officers acting against the interests of the Republic, and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commander (Chancellor), GAR commanders will remove those officers by lethal force, and command of the GAR will revert to the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) until a new command structure is established.” In other words, the Jedi have committed treason against the Republic and are to be shot on site. The order was sent from the Chancelor himself.

All hell broke loose as Aroyo immediately started firing on the Generals. That butcher would kill anyone to complete the mission. Of course, the shinies all blindly obeyed as well. Dor hesitated, good man. But Tempo… Tempo opened fire too. The Generals were completely taken by surprise, but at least they were skilled enough to avoid the barrage of blaster bolts. Specialist Keera very quickly put herself in the middle of the crossfire and started taking Aroyo down to size. Then Freq showed his true colors, pitching his blaster and drawing his lightsaber. He went right for Aroyo, and I just barely heard the Commander insult his allegiance before Freq removed his head. Can’t say I was sad to see him go, but no one deserves to die like that.

Then there was me. What does one do in a case like this when their whole life has been spent in service to the Republic? The Jedi have always treated me well, especially Generals S’ssra and Kkiod. I’ve seen no hint of betrayal from either of them. But I can’t completely ignore a direct order from the highest power. I tried to assume command of the remaining troopers and have them stand down, but they ignored me. Being the shinies that they were, General S’ssra made short work of them. I tried to physically knock some sense into one trooper, but he shoved me off. The only way to stop him was with a powerful stun blast. And then Tempo had to try and take on the General himself. It almost looked like he was about to get a shot in when Dor snapped out of it and took his brother down. What a shame, he’d been such a loyal soldier.

Now I have a difficult choice ahead of me. Should I attempt to subdue the Generals for questioning? And what about Freq? Is he considered a traitor too? Even if we all kiss and make up, how could we ever hope to get off Kamino, an entire planet covered in millions of clones?

Just when I thought we had gotten out of the thick of things, I find myself in a moral quandary like nothing I’ve ever faced.



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