Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Adventures on Kamino

Rain is Icky

After essentially shutting down that planet for the next century or so we met up with some main Republic fleet ships. Master Tiin had clearly been a bit disturbed by the news of the Onyx Ring clones, but that’s not the type of thing you blab around about either. So after we made some repairs, and the boys got issued their new sets of armor we set course for Kamino. Technically we were going to help assimilate new troops, but we were also doing some research into where Freq came from and where these Onyx guys could have popped up from too.

Kamino is not my favorite planet. With all that rain it just…ugh my fur is always puffing out and it makes me look silly. Keera is not silly. Keera is intimidating! And it’s really hard to act like that when your having a bad fur day. Anyway, we met up with Tuan We who seemed pretty okay, although she doesn’t exactly have great “bedside manner” when it comes to the clones. She took some samples, ran some tests, and determined that Freq was definitely NOT made in their main cloning facility, but that he did get trained with all the others. Which means someone snuck him into the batch. Based on some stories from her about this one scientist, Lon Wind, he definitely sounded like the one who did it. So we went to pay him a visit and politely ask him some questions…

That never works for us of course. We flew to the other city where his estate was, and nobody answered. We even rang the doorbell all protocol-like and stuff. Freq talked to his …spirit guide? I mean, it looked like he was talking to himself, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t cracked. So supposedly “death could await us” inside. We do dangerous stuff pretty much ALL the time, but its still creepy to have some spirit say that. I thought we should blast the place with missiles, but everyone kept insisting on finding a way in and getting information.

We bypassed the security grid and popped open one of the doors. We started to work in, see what we could find and these angry critters started popping out from around the corners, clawing and biting and knocking people out by shrieking at them. They really hurt my ears, so I knocked one out and we got the other one too. There was the big door so I figured the secret cloning room was behind it and opened it. Yeah, nope.

There was this HUGE beasty in there, and he did not look friendly. It was a …tranntarack? trenntytrack, tyrranarack? oh, terentatek. Anyways, scary. So I closed the door again. Cricket rigged it with explosives quickly and we started to get the heck out of there. I did NOT think that door could hold that thing. More of the screaming beasties came scuttling down the hallway too. Yup, definitely time for a “tactical exit”




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