Star Wars: Brothers in Arms


I’ve been aboard enough space stations to know that all those alarms cannot be a good thing. Dak recovered quickly and shot the droideka who was ready to open fire on me. I wish I could have enjoyed a true sigh of relief, but immediately I started making my way towards our ship. The Jedi finished off the last of the droid squad and started our way as well. Cricket broke into the intercom system and told people to head towards where our ship had boarded, or the nearest escape pod.

I couldn’t figure out why Freq was falling so far behind, but after I learned what he’d done, I know he saved a great many lives. He’d managed to connect with the Force and quite literally hold the station together as it was starting to collapse into the upper atmosphere. Cricket tried to help slow the systems collapse, but safeguards had been taken down. There was no way to save the station. I loaded some personnel into our hold and got us ready for take off, Figrin hurriedly shuffled anyone possible on board. Dak and Cricket took off in their fighters. When we couldn’t wait any longer I commed Freq to have him hop into an escape pod and we all watched from our ships as the station broke up into the atmosphere.
The fighting was still going on where our Mando buddies had shown up, but otherwise it was starting to calm. With the spaceport permanently out of order, the planet became useless to both sides. As we unloaded their refugees on the main Republic ship they were swiftly called to the bridge.

They had a comm call from planetside which was Oreo waiting to patch through a LPM elder. It was that same old guy that had sounded pretty sensible. Until he told us how they were the ones responsible for the complete destruction of the station AND they had lied to us about Jedi Master Saesee Tiin and they’d had him prisoner the whole time.

I was on their side of this fight really. I even tried to tell people that we should just blow up the station so it wouldn’t fall into Seppie hands. But I was going to get all the people off of it first! I felt bad for Barrans, but they were total dicks about this! And then telling us that we can come “fetch” Master Tiin before the planet becomes completely inaccessible, gee thanks! He had a point about the attempted assassination, but if that’s really what was concerning him, maybe they should have turned him over when we got Ororo to back down when we were there last time! When was that? Oh, yeah, that was right after they took US as prisoners! …poodooheads

Whatever, we still needed to get our men off the ground, and get back Tiin, so we rushed planetside. We were still tracking our loose Onyx dude, so we knew we had to be really really fast to get Tiin. Upon arrival at the LPM camp the cannons started firing on us! Seriously you guys? NOT cool! We made short work of them, but Freq went surging on ahead and ran straight into one of the Onyx ring boys. Harumph, at least I wouldn’t have to knock any LPM heads about the cannons. But at this point I was mad! this Freq copies were just as deserving of a taste of my powerhammer as any fool!Thaaaaat’s probably why I ended up nearly getting myself killed…sometimes I just can’t help myself. Sometimes a kitty’s just gotta smash!

One of the good things about having Jedi in the group is their neat healing tricks. As everyone else caught up to me it became more of a fair fight against the two Onyx ringers. The LPM council clearly hadn’t stood a chance, and their bodies were strewn about the room. That sucks, but they were being jerks to us!

We had the enemy divided, and pursued them into siderooms. I rushed into the room to the side of one of them and throwing down a shelf I smashed through the wall. Excellent pincer movement if I do say so myself! And I do…because I’m awesome. Of course the little wimp scurried away before I had a chance to pound on him! Grrrr, why can’t they just stay still so I can hit them hard!?!…really hard!

To be continued



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