Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Order what now?!?

We were tracking down the Kaminoan to his family’s “estate” in the lower city. He was still alive when Onyx took him, so he must want him for something. And whatever he wants is probably bad for us, so we’ve got to find them soon. When we got inside this massive warehouse all these forcefields popped up, separating us and keeping us trapped so the acidic toxic gas could kill us. So I’m guessing that means he knows we’re here. He’ll have to try harder than that though! We got out and headed down in the direction that Freq “felt” Onyx was. We let him go down first, he wanted to try and talk him down. I don’t think any of us, including Freq, really thought that would work, but I’m sure it’ll make him feel better knowing he tried.

There were some ceiling turrets, one of which I got to smash right back up into its hidey hole but it didn’t slow us down long. Apparently it was just long enough though…because Onyx was shaking the dead Kaminoan by the neck, yelling at his corpse. Crazy he might be, but he was still a tough little osik. Just as we knocked him out all the clones started going crazy too! Okay, well not ALL of them. But Aroyo started yelling at the shinies and they started shooting at Cricket and Figgy.

Shinies don’t have any good sense about them yet, so I felt bad for them, but Aroyo knew what he was doing. I didn’t know what was going on, but I was damned if we beat up a tyrannatechy, inhaled a bunch of toxic acid and beat up Onyx just to Aroyo, the jerkiest butcher I know, turn on us. Was he just waiting for a chance for us to be tired so he could get rid of us and say Onyx did it?!? Because he seriously misjudged the situation.

He started screaming about orders and through a lot of yelling I got the idea that orders had come from way up the chain of command for ALL Jedi to be executed. And they even had a number for this? What the hell? Who makes these rules? At least Dor was conflicted… I don’t know why Tempo didn’t use his own head to consider things instead of just blindly accepting these insane orders… He’s gone now… SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!? I know clones can think for themselves, but these shinies don’t know it yet, and now they won’t ever get to learn. We had to stop them somehow, and most of them died. At least Aroyo did too! Freq took his head clean off! He’s experienced and should have been leading the shinies better than that! You don’t even ask for a confirmation on an order like that?! Seriously? You double check that poodoo before gunning down your allies that have saved your hides more than once! Has the whole galaxy gone mad?



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