Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Screw this planet

They were starting to hurt now, and there was only so many places they could run in this building. One of the Onyx jerks was hurt and drew our attention first. I had gotten tired of pounding on these guys and them healing themselves so fast, it was just rude. Well, this lurdo, when he was down and we had him nearly finished, decided to try to take us with him by pulling a thermal detonator and just blowing himself up. Luckily, he didn’t have much strength left because most of the blast was directed down at him. So I got a bit banged up, but he was way way dead.

His buddy starting running towards the hole in the wall that Cricket had come through. Luckily, he was the only one left and everyone else was as sick of him running as I was. Just before he escaped outside Vi’tig blocked and downed him. There wasn’t anything to be done for any of the Council that had been here, they were all dead. But Freq was able to detect that Saesee Tiin was somewhere underneath us and sliced a hole in the floor for us to drop down. He was tucked in a corner in special Jedi energy “chains” but we got him down quickly.

Despite being pleased to be freed, he had a lot of questions, and I reminded everyone and told him that we needed to get going while we could. I didn’t feel like getting stuck here forever. That wasn’t why I left home. Getting back to our boat and the station hub we caught up with Oreo. We’d told Tiin about his behavior and I knew he was going to get taken down a few pegs. The soldiers were finishing packing up what they could and set charges on the rest that they could and we took to space. It was not an easy trip up to be sure, but we did make it. Tiin kept bemoaning that they weren’t going to be able to use this ship for such a long time while it was being repaired. And hey, it sucks, but really, if the Republic hadn’t been being such control freaks and getting into fights with and terrorizing the locals this probably wouldn’t have happened. So considering how many people we were able to save, I call it a good day.

When we got back to base the boys got their “shiny” new armor (but don’t call it that, they hate that haha). I bought myself some new upgrades for my ship because it seems like every time we head to a planet we get attacked. Especially since Master Tiin was giving us a mission (one real, and one secret) and we were headed to Kamino to acclimate a new batch (while looking for clues about Freq’s brothers). It would be nice to just land on a planet once, but who knows with us. Not that I’m worried mind you, I’ll just have to punch someone in the face is all… with a missile.



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