Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Spaceport Samba

The locals are terrible hosts

Good news is it doesn’t seem the explosion came from the direction of my ship. Bad news is there’s LPM goons running around all over the place with blasters. I poked my head around the corner of a door and BLAM-O they start shooting at me immediately! I just got here. I have not had enough time to do anything worth enemies yet. Which means what? That’s right, now I’m pissed off!

The layout of this port made it annoying to pick off all of the terrorists, but we got them all in the end. The one that shot at me turned out to be a total wussy. I got in his face for a fair fight and he just kept backing up and running away. But he still kept shooting at me. If you are scared of me, then bloody run away as fast as your little twig legs can carry you. If you want to fight me, then stop being a pansy and stand your ground! At least I finally backed him into a corner, so when I did get to clobber him it was straight into a laser beam.

There was no way we’d be questioning him, but the guys did manage to knock out a couple of the others. And Oreo proceeded to drag some unconscious woman across metal beams. I get wanting to question them, information can be important. But his first choice was to strap this guy to a boat and sail through acidic waters?!?! How the hell is that helpful?!?! I could see it being fun if the guy had made me really mad at him, but it wouldn’t get me information. Even I know that!

I mean, I’m not stupid. Not really. Just…physical. My body tends to act before my brain finishes thinking. That’s why it always scares me when I feel like I’m the only one making any sense. It takes me longer to get to the right idea, but I do get there. But when I have to be the one reminding Oreo that the Jedi might be able to help with interrogation? …well, this army might be in a wee bit o’ trouble.



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