Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Think for yourself

Even after we subdued or killed the rest of the shinies, things were still extremely tense.
Dak had decided not to immediately shoot the Jedi, but he did want them to turn over their weapons. And they, having just been attacked by their supposed allies, were not excited by the idea of being unarmed. Can’t say I blame them one bit. If Dak had tried to tell me to turn over my weapon I would have clocked him, and I wasn’t even the main target!

While I appreciated that he had decided to hesitate on executing this “order 66” his behavior was still throwing me for a loop. He kept yelling about orders and telling Freq he needed to follow them too, even tried to convince ME that I should disarm the Jedi. I thought Dak had learned more about us with all the missions we’d been on. Wait, scratch that. He HAD learned more about us, he KNEW better than to think that Cricket and Figgy were conspiring traitors, but he still wanted to follow those ridiculous orders. When they wouldn’t give up their lightsabers he even tried to STUN Cricket. You’re a good shot Dak, but he’s a Jedi and he saw it coming.

I was getting so frustrated by how single-minded he was being “I’m a clone. This is my job. I have to follow orders” blah blah BLAH! You’re a damn person! You have thoughts and feelings! You have your own individual life and experience! Don’t choose to throw that all away, and pretend to be a damn droid. He didn’t even want to acknowledge that he HAD a choice. That is absolutely awful. I left all of my own kind behind when they tried to tell me I was a runt and couldn’t be a good warrior. I chose the option that they swore didn’t exist for me. And when your friends are telling you that you have a choice?!? To say you don’t have one? POODOO! That’s a big stinkin’ pile of day-old bantha poodoo. You have a choice, you know you do, you’re pretending you don’t so you can hide your decision behind a veil of “orders”.

Seriously, Freq just had the closest thing to a brother and father killed in front of him. Cricket and Figgy just felt basically ALL of their friends die. We just watched footage of the building with Jedi kids in it burning and you’re going to bitch about a handful of clones whose designations you didn’t even know being shot or cut down in self defense? Yeah, it really sucks that this is how it went down. Aroro was a fool and he got them killed by telling them to execute that order when there was no way they could stand against us and the Jedi. When the going gets tough you should be able to look to your friends for help, not try to stunblast them in the face!

Anyway, he finally calmed down enough to agree not to murder the Jedi. We bound the stunned trooper and went back to Lon Wyn’s estate. He and Freq went and reported back to buy us some time. Of course CT-jerkface woke up and signaled command so we had to ditch our plan and run. Freq got in contact with our old Bothan buddy, who it turns out it some totally famous Separatist ground commander. He agreed to come pick us up if we could make it to their ship. Which means we needed to get offplanet without being shot down…which means we really needed my ship… this should be fun



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