Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Trojan Tank

The droids realized the ruse as blaster fire pounded at them. Droidekas took the full brunt of the first attacks as the team targeted the strongest foes first. Keera closed the door, protecting the flank of the tank at least temporarily. More droid tanks in the North of the compound began to retaliate at the intruders. When the tank started to take serious damage the other clones and Yana ducked out the back hatch and entered the fray on foot.

Keera climbed up one of the towers coming face to face with the two Super Battle Droids at the top. They shot at her but missed as she swung down with her power hammer, crushing one of the droids and then grabbed the other and dropped it off the tower. Noticing a droideka moving on the outside of the wall she tossed a grenade at it, not daring to run across the wall when it would have a clean shot at her.

Tail took a near fatal blow and Professor stabilized him with a medpac. Freq and Dak picked off droids and took pot shots at the other tanks. Vi’tig used the Force to push one into a wall, and when it became clear his tank could take much more he rammed it into one of the other tanks and jumped out the top gunner hatch. All the droids inside the tank were destroyed, but there were still two tanks left. With an impressive display of his ever-growing abilities Vi’tig leapt onto one, decapitating the gunner, and opened fire on the other.

The clones picked off the remaining tower droids and Keera started to climb down. Freq and Yana had taken care of the last droideka that had tried to come in behind them. Then another set of doors opened and droids on Spats came flying out. Dak launched himself up with his jetpack and between the lot of them they made quick work of the spats.

A strange quiet settled as broken droids sizzled. Keera climbed onto the tank and they prepared to open the door to the headquarters. They’d taken too long and thoroughly lost any advantage of surprise. Up in the second floor glass enclosed office they could see the tactical droid, but other droids blocked the lift. Keera fired at the office, leaving a molten hole in the window and floor.

Another door to their North opened and more droids marched out and opened fire on the highly visible Keera in the turret. As blaster bolts started flying again, Vi’tig summoned the Force and surged up through the hole into the office and assailed the tactical droid. He was not as easy to defeat as a plain or even super battle droid, but Vi’tig cleaved his head clean off.
With that he told Shida Voog to surrender, and he gave the order for the few droids left to stand down. ND-RT16 was intact and in the office with Voog, but did not remember any shady dealings in his past and insisted that he was the rightful property of Voog.

The clones carefully scavenged through the storehouse and with the Separatist, droid, and tactical droid head in tow they made their way safely back to their ship. Yana thought it would be in their best interest to leave Shida Voog behind, but no one really wanted to let him lose again as they had no brig. Keera suggested removing his arms to deter escape, which Yana obviously rejected, but Freq but him into a cryobag for storage until the next safe drop point for a Seppy prisoner. Keera disliked that Yana not only rejected her idea but also told Freq not to let her near the cryobag, even though Keera was sure it would keep his limbs deliciously fresh!



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