Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

"Welcome" to Baranus

Keera’s Super Secret Diary

Coruscant was starting to get annoying. Too many smells, too many creatures. Felt good to get out into space again. Need to name my new “permanently assigned” Citadel cruiser. I want to call it my Pretty Bird but Dak freaked out at that idea, he wants it to be scarier sounding. But really? I am Keera, the most smashingist of smashing breaker kitties everywhere! I don’t need a scary name to scare people, I do that all on my own!

Anyway, it’ll have to be settled later because we didn’t even make it to Gateway station before we christened the ship in battle. I do love blowing things up, but in a cruiser trying to fight off little vulture droids is super annoying. They keep moving when all I want to do is destroy them in a ball of fiery death. Is that too much to ask? Paw!

We did lose one of our troop transports in the battle, which really rustled my fur. Could have used some more help from Gateway Station in my opinion, but they had their priorities, and we weren’t it. They did let us land there and gather ourselves before we went down to the planet. They had this corridor down to the planet that we had to fly through. Good thing that those other ships tilted out of way as we went down, because my pretty bird’s got MISSILES!

Not that I would have just blown someone out of my way…maybe…heeheehee!

We landed and set down on Bay 6 B-Deck and met up with Tempo and Dor. Missed those silly little clone boys. Aroyo has gotten very…angry being on this planet it seems. I mean, it sucks, don’t get me wrong. The Labor Party Militia has been totally annoying. Being on a planet where a quarter of the people are trying to kill you?

I can’t believe they trapped Saesee Tiin and firebombed him. Not nice LPM, not nice! Can’t believe Tiin didn’t feel it coming though. Jedi are tough little buggers, that’s certainly what I have learned from Cricket. Don’t know how I feel about Figgy yet.

I get that Baranus has all this super special copper listerite that is the crème de la crème (oooh cream, now I’m thirsty!) but these people don’t seem to happy with the Republic. If they were with the Separatists I wouldn’t have a problem hitting them upside the head, because those jerks are serious nerfherding scum bullies. But they don’t seem to want to be part of either side. If you are my enemy, I will kill you. But if you just aren’t willing to fight for the same side as me? …I don’t know, I guess it depends.

If this planet sucks so much, and it’s full of Opportunist “Pinkers”, I’m not sure it is worth it. Before we could really figure stuff out things started going BOOM! My ship better be okay! Or these LPM fools will be getting a major hurt from a majorly angry kitty in their face!



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