Yana Saxet

Female Human Jedi Knight


Race: Human Female

Age: 47

Rank: Jedi General (Junior)

Assignment: 67th Brigade


Yana Saxet has served the Jedi Order for over three decades, mostly in the role as an archivist and investigator. Prior to the Clone Wars, she most frequently served with the Jedi Explorer Corps investigating various archaeological sites around the galaxy.

With the onset of the Clone Wars, and the separation of so many worlds to the Separatists, Saxet has been helping the Jedi Council develop battle strategy and research military tactics. The few times she has been sent to the front, she directed her troops to victory thanks to her extensive study on tactics and deployment. She rarely leads from the front, believing in the doctrine that it’s the army, not the individual that wins wars. This has caused some distance to foster between her and her Clone Troopers who are used to seeing the Jedi leading from the front.

She has recently taken on her first padawan, after resisting the idea for so long on the notion that it would interfere with her work.

Yana Saxet

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