Star Wars: Brothers in Arms


The survivors press forward, doing their best to navigate the Jungles of Onderon to reach the Rendevouz Point. Due to their lack of survival expertise, the group is sticking to the easier paths in the jungle. The canopy lets in little direct light, casting shadows on a hostile interior. Large insects flitter by, sometimes landing on the troopers, other times avoiding them entirely.

Tempo and Dor, the two remaining Clone Trooper survivors, strike up conversation with the team. They’re a curious pair, asking about all sorts of things.

Camping out for the night, the group sets a watch. Several hours in, the sentries hear sounds of blaster fire. Rousing their allies and moving to investigate, they find several battle droids have taken down a large riding animal of some sort. Their investigations are cut short when out of the darkened folliage a Droideka wheels onto the path, unfurls it’s cannons, and opens fire! Quickly dispatching the other droids, the squad is able to take cover and concentrate their fire on the Droideka. After a minute of sheer terror pucntuated by the strobe-light of blaster fire, Vi’tig is finally able to pierce the Droideka’s shield, diminishing it. With it’s sheild power reduced, the droid finally starts to take damage. With one final blast the Droideka brings down Kerra with a well palced shot, but is blown apart right after.

With Keera recovering from her wounds, the squad inspects the fallen mount. As they do, they find a wounded Onderonian female. Thanks to some deft first aid by Freq, the woman regains conciousness. She seems surprised and beligerent at the Republic soldiers, saying that they took their time to get to Onderon. After some negotiations and explinations, the Onderonian identifies herself as Glena, a Beast-Rider of Onderon. She offers to take the heroes to her commander, a long jounrey away (especially since her mount, a boma, was killed).

Walking for almost an entire day, the party makes it to a cliff above a wide valley. Large reptilian drexl are seen overhead, some of them with warriors mounted upon them. Staring in awe, the troopers are amazed at the Beast-Rider’s ability to tame the creatures that harried the droid fighters.

But their awe turns to determination as they spy the Separatist Ion Cannon distant in the background of the valley. Their objective in sight, the party descends into a cliff-side cavern; the current safehouse for Glena and the rest of her fellow Beast-Riders…


— begin log

The party members have crash-landed on the planet Onderon .. Their escape from their ship was under duress as the Separatists attacked. The Jedi Yana Saxet had been stuck aboard their failing vessel and was carried into the orbit of the sister planet(moon?) of Onderon. Luckily it looks like the Jedi master was otherwise unharmed.

Vi’tig S’ssra and Keera escape in their own pod after trying to rescue several injured troopers and attempting to stablize their damaged ship.

CT-6124"Freq" and CT-4206 “Dak” crashed nearby to RC-8679 “Professor”, who promptly lost all of his brothers in ‘Gamma 8-6’ Squad to the exploding escape pod.

All surviving personnel were then attacked by B1 battle droids, STATS, and an SBD along with a large spider droid. The fight ended with no casualties. CT-6124"Freq" was able to help heal up two surviving troopers CT-22/1813 “Dor” & CT-57/2990 “Tempo” ..

They determined the general direction of the rendezvous point on Onderon and set off in that direction.

— end log

Opening Crawl
Campaign Start...

Chapter One: Isolation

War has spread throughout the known galaxy. The droid armies of the CONFEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS fight against the CLONE ARMY of the GALACTIC REPUBLIC on thousands of worlds. Led by the JEDI KNIGHTS, the Republic forces try desperately to push the Separatists back.

The latest attack comes on the world of ONDERON. Jedi Master SAESEE TIIN leads a force against the Separatist blockade. Using his space forces to engage the Separatists, Master Tiin hopes that ground forces led by Jedi Knight YARA SAXET will be able to sneak past the blockade and liberate the planet…

Onderon landing


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