Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Three's a crowd, Seppys!

The Jedi tried to get some information out of the LPM prisoners, but they weren’t precisely …“outgoing”. While they were working on that I went out to get some drinks with Dor and Tempo to hear their side of how they thought things were going. Even they knew things were messed up on Barran, although they thought I was maybe stretching it a bit by pointing all of my furry fingers at Oreo.

Freq and Dak had managed to get a clue from the damaged ship and we all went to follow it to the owner of the ship. He was out of his office, but through splicing into his terminal we found more clues. Someone called the “ringmaster” had set up the attack, and paid for the “rental” of the ships quite well. In speaking to his neighbor we found that he had a bit of a gambling problem and a fondness for Twi’lek dancers. There was only one joint that would appease both obsessions at the port but before they could investigate any further they got called to the command center.

The Separatists were launching dropships to three locations, undoubtedly attack forces. It didn’t look like enough for a full-scale invasion, but definitely enough to warrant concern. Splitting the clones into groups we headed toward one droppoint with Craws (who Dor had suggested talking to anyway).

We were in a bad spot as soon as we arrived, the droids literally had the higher ground. dwarf Spider droids hung off the cliff face and shot down at us. We had all split up in the trees, so they’d have to spread out their fire, but they needed stopping fast. The clones worked on that and Cricket launched himself up on top of the cliff. I climbed up there too, ready to clobber some droids. The Spider Droid up there was not the dwarf kind, which was just fine by me. Cricket and I did a number on him, and with a last blow from his lightsaber he was down for the count. The clones were doing well on their own, but I smashed one of the last dwarf spiders to help out.

We grabbed some techno doo-dah out of the main droid, reported in and started heading back to base. Just as we were about to get on our boats, natives appeared everywhere around us. They were armed and we were outnumbered. The Labor Party soldiers ordered us to surrender, none of us liked it, but we didn’t have much choice. They disarmed and separated us, and into the boats we went along the winding maze of rivers.

Finally we arrived at some compound, but none of us would have been able to find it on a map.

To be continued …



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