Star Wars: Brothers in Arms

Ye Old Mando Calvary

The Separatist invasion force was closing fast, and we’re a tough, but I don’t know if we can fight off all of them. We tried calling in help, but it’s unlikely they can make it here in time. If we wait until the fighting gets to the ground, we’d already be on the losing side so we decided to take to space.

As we were making our way up the protected channel we immediately encountered droid fighters. Smaller, faster ships we testing out our front lines before their heavy hitters arrived. There were more of them than us, but we ended them anyway. Not without some damage of course, but at least Cricket’s ship didn’t get totally swiss cheesed this time.

As we cleared Batanus’ atmosphere we could see the situation was more dire than we had expected. The armada was upon us already, and we didn’t have the firepower. I kept saying maybe it was just worth it to destroy the station link so that the planet would be cut off from both sides. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way the Republic had been treating the locals and I think they’d be better off if there planet wasn’t being considered such a valuable commodity in wartime. Just then our old buddies from Hoth dropped out of hyperspace! Their ships were ancient, but tough, just like the Brothers of the Tong themselves. Immediately they started walloping on the Separatist ships. It’s good to have some friends in the universe :)

Good news like that can’t keep you too distracted in battle though, distress calls were coming in from the station, which was under heavy attack. If we let them take the station we’d be in a really bad spot so while our buddies kept the big ships occupied we headed in to smash some metalheads together. Upon boarding the station we found two droid squads right off the bat, with Magnaguards taking point. I was reminded again, how awesome Force powers can be as Freq sent one of them flying back into his squad, bowling them all over.

We concentrated on destroying the one squad and then turned our attention to the other. With their Force powers making quick work of the clankers there wasn’t any point of me running in and hammering, more’s the pity. Just as droideka’s rounded the corner near me and were opening fire the entire station shifted. Jumped more like, actually. Most of us kept our balance, but poor Dak was using his jetpack at the time and got hit with a wall. Ergo, Dak got hit with a space station…in the face.

Alarm klaxons were sounding and calls for “abandon ship” came over the speakers. I’d just like to go on record now, that it was not my fault that the space station broke…I didn’t do it…promise



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