Figrin Kkiod

bith jedi


Organization Score (Jedi Order): 12
Organization Rank: Jedi Knight
Organization Bonuses:

  • Gains a +2 bonus to Will Defense while within 12 squares of another member of the Jedi Order.
  • Can spend a Force Point make a Gather Information check, using their Organization Score as the modifier to the Skill check instead of their Gather Information skill.

Figrin grew up on Clak’Dor VII, as most of his race does. His parents were well-to-do commoners that had good jobs in the labor force. As such, he had a relatively comfortable upbringing. Figrin was the third child in the family. He has two older brothers: Khlonen (middle child) and Menrin (the eldest).

Figrin’s grandfather, Nalan Kkiod was something of a mentor to him. His grandfather noticed when Figrin was young that he was good at knowing when mechanical objects would break, or seemed to always have a knack for telling where there was a shortcut thru traffic.

A few short years later, his family was on a business trip to Coruscant. They ended up having to remain on the planet for some time as a pressing business project planned to keep them there much longer than expected. During that time, the Clone Wars began to really get underway. It wasn’t until the time of the droid army invasion of the planet, that Figrin’s grandfather persuaded his parents to take Figrin to the Jedi temple. His grandfather spoke to Figrin, and told him that he would be safe there and that the Jedi would help him bring the peace the Bith so very much desired. His parents, worried about the danger, agreed.

At the same time, Figrin’s brothers had begun hanging out with a different group of friends on the capital world. Figrin didn’t see them all that often, as he was busy with his studies in the Jedi Corps. After one such extended mission with the Corps, Figrin returned to learn that his brothers were members of some sort of gang. He had never seen this group before, but his brothers tried to pressue Figrin into joining them. Only later when Figrin realized that they were members of the notorius Black Suns did he realize the danger that they were in.

It wasn’t until some time later that Figrin encountered his brothers again and confronted them about their involvement that he realized how far they had grown apart. He found that they were very different in their ideals and thoughts about the state of the galaxy. Figrin threatened to inform his parents.. hoping this would talk some sense into them ..unforunately that provoked a violent response from his brothers.. who drew weapons.. Figrin reaction by destroying their weapons with his lightsaber.. Seeing that they would not win, they parted ways. Figrin has not seen them since.

During Figrin’s time in the Corps. he was trained by a wide variety of knights, and thus had quite an appreciation for all sentient races. Only recently promoted to Knighthood, he was eager to find an end to the Clone Wars.

Figrin Kkiod

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