The following rules are in effect for this campaign concerning Destinies and Destiny Points.

Choose Your Destiny

Your character’s destiny will be selected for you by the Gamemaster. The possible Destinies available are as follows.

  • Creation (tFUCG, pg 35)
  • Champion (tFUCG, pg 36)
  • Destruction
  • Discovery
  • Education
  • Liberation (tFUCG, pg 36)
  • Redemption
  • Rescue

The Corruption Destiny is an NPC-Only Destiny in this Campaign.

Destiny Changes: Redemption

Characters who fulfill their Redemption Destiny earn the bonus as listed on page 114 of the SECR, and they receive the Force Boon feat as a bonus feat. If the character has the Force Boon feat already, the benefit stacks.


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