Flight Training

The Flight Training house rule allows those who are trained in piloting starships or familiar with their weaponry to utilize a specific Starship Maneuver, as if they had the Starship Tactics feat. The options available to the character are determined by their level of proficiency with starship piloting.

  • If a character is trained in the Pilot skill, they can choose one free basic maneuver (one that doesn’t have thee Gunner, Attack Pattern, or Dogfight key word).

Choices: Ackbar Slash, Afterburn, Corellian Slip, Darklighter Spin, I Have You Now, Intercept, Segnor’s Loop, Skim the Surface, Snap Roll, Wotan Weave

  • If they have Skill Focus (Pilot), they can choose one from Attack Pattern maneuvers as well.

Choices: Angle Deflector Shields, Attack Formation Zeta Nine, Attack Pattern Delta, Howlrunner Formation, Overwhelming Assault, Strike Formation

  • If they have the Vehicular Combat feat, they can choose from Dogfight maneuvers as well.

Choices: Counter, Evasive Action, Skywalker Loop, Tallon Roll, Target Lock

  • If they have Weapon Group (heavy) feat, they can choose from Gunner maneuvers. In this instance, the character does not need to be trained in the Pilot skill.

Choices: Devastating Hit, Engine Hit, Explosive Shot, Shield Hit, Thruster Hit

  • If the character is trained in Pilot and is Force Sensitive, they may choose from Force maneuvers as well.

Choices: Target Sense

In all cases, the character only gets one maneuver with this option. A character may change their maneuver if they pick up another ability later on that would allow a wider choice. The new maneuver replaces their old one, and the old one is lost.

Flight Training

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